Thursday, February 05, 2015

Details: not important?

Details don't matter, it's the general thought that matters. Right? I mean, that's what the issue is with Lyin' Brian over at NBC. Details matter?

That was the issue was with ex-Liberty dean Ergun Caner and his testimony. That was the issue with Mark Driscoll and his plagiarism and buying out books to make the best seller's list. That's what C. Michael Patton at "Credo House" says about Scripture--denying the need for exact details.  That was the issue at CJ Mahaney's church over homosexual pedophilia. That was the issue with disgraced Vision Forum's Doug Phillips and his sexual immorality. That's the issue with John Piper and his "you can be saved by a partial or defective gospel". That's the issue with not only Piper but Tim Keller and Justin Taylor at TGC on Creation. That was the issue with the Ancient Serpent in the Garden attacking God's Word and Eve adding to it. That's the issue with so many on eschatology, justification, Scripture, and salvation. Details? Certainly not the world NOR CHRISTIANS. It's "good enough," they say. It's close enough.

Is it?

The triune God of Scripture is an exact, precise God. In fact He is so precise that He chose every word, every verb tense in His Word for all eternity, stating that all of it down to the JOT AND TITTLE are authoritative and living and active.

When Aaron's sons offered their own fire on the alter God killed them.  It wasn't "good enough".

When Ananias and Sapphira lied about the price of the sale of their land, the amount of money they were going to give the church wasn't "good enough."

A little leave isn't "good enough".

Not even close.

You can't build a house an an ALMOST straight plumb line. You are kidding aren't you, if you say it's close enough?

"Close enough" doesn't work with prophecy either.  God concerns Himself with details. They matter to HIM.

Do they matter to you?

They should.

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