Thursday, February 26, 2015

Once Pro-Sodomy- Ban Attorney Mike Bower Now Supports Sodomy Unions

Bowers v. Hardwick, the 1986 Supreme Court decision allowing state bans on “homosexual sodomy,” was only before the Supreme Court because Bowers, then the attorney general of Georgia, asked the justices to hear the case and uphold the constitutionality of the ban.
Nearly 30 years later, Bowers says he’s “changed as society has changed.”
On Tuesday, Bowers released a scathing seven-page memo detailing his legal conclusion that pending “religious liberty” legislation in Georgia — as he put it in an extensive interview with BuzzFeed News — “is an excuse to discriminate.”

“And, my faith says that the second most important commandant of my faith is to love your neighbor as yourself.”

End quotes.

**Warning** There are a few cuss words in this article. I guess Bower's "faith" is ok with that too.

His "neighbor" to "love" was a Playboy Club waitress that he committed adultery with for ten years. Yet he claims his 52 year marriage is one reason he's against sodomy bans. That's horrible.

This is one unwise, foolish man. Repenting of what is right, is apostasy. His heart has hardened, not softened, over the last 30 years.

Listen, truth does not change, because the God of Truth does not change. Ever. Bower is an example of Post-Modern thinking, a silly man who has no true convictions of truth, just what is convenient at the time and makes life easiest. After all, now that he's 73 and not running for office, he can say whatever he wants, right? Like old age is an excuse for liberalism and compromise?

Romans 1 is still in effect. God is the Judge of all people and HE has already judged sodomy to be damnable as well as harmful to society. God NEVER says that sodomy is "love" nor is it holy and right. It is actually the fruit of hatred toward God. It is utter rebellion against HIM and HIS laws. Sodomy is the epitome of self gratification, not true selfless love which Scripture speaks about (in the Greek, it is "agape" and really only truly known among Christians, as eros (which is what Bowers is referring to when he uses "love") and phileo (brotherly affection). Lust is NOT love, it's self-gratification and is covetousness (thus breaking at least two of the Ten Commandments). Whatever "faith" Bowers has, it's not real, biblical, Christ Jesus-exalting Christian faith, that's for sure.

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