Friday, February 06, 2015

Worldview Weekend Rebukes The "Gospel" Coalition's Justin Taylor's Attack On the Beginning

In rebuking The "Gospel" Coalition's Justin Taylor's slam against Scripture's teaching on Creation:

What is the real motivation behind Christian leaders today when they attempt to justify rejecting a young earth and six literal days of creation? Are they really arguing from Scripture using a grammatical-historical interpretive method? Or are they actually influenced by ideas outside of Scripture concerning the supposed old age of the universe/earth and the nature of what is deemed to be “science”? I suggest the latter is the case....

When Christian leaders today are rejecting a dogmatic stand on six literal, 24-hour days of creation and a young earth, if you search their writings or question them, you will find that ultimately their thinking is being controlled by the belief in an old earth/universe (billions of years). Even though some try to claim that is not so but that they are just looking at what the Bible says, if you ask the right questions, I assert, you will find this strong influence is there. You simply do not get the idea of millions or billions of years from Scripture—it comes from outside of Scripture. The belief in millions and billions of years has so permeated the world, and has permeated the church, especially Christian academia.
And thus I am saying the age of the earth/universe comes down to an authority issue. 
End quote.
I wrote about this here, with a list of recent prominent men who have apostacized with this demonic error.

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