Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Piper Passes Judge Clarence Thomas Off As A Christian

John Piper On Judge Clarence Thomas:

For example:
Clarence Thomas’s life is unusual because he is a black political conservative, who lost his first marriage, conquered rage and alcohol, and survived a high-tech lynching, by holding on to the promises of the Bible.

His grandfather converted to Roman Catholicism and tried to get a good Christian education for Clarence.

With every day’s crushing criticism Thomas was moving toward God as his sustaining hope.

End quote.

He ends his article with Sen. John Danforth's letter of encouragement to Thomas on the last day of the senate hearings for his confirmation, calling him a brother in Christ.

There was no correction by Piper in this at all. He mentions several times, based on Thomas' biography, about his Catholic religion and education. In fact, I don't even know what the point was in writing this about Thomas except that he was useful to make himself look racially and religiously relevant and open-minded.

More evidence that John Piper embraces Romanists as Christians. How can this be when they serve a false god and hold to a false gospel? When will people accept the truth that Piper (like Beth Moore) believes Romanists are justified by their works? HE HAS SAID AS MUCH. He also says heretic Rick Warren is also a brother. These are not exceptions or anomalies of Piper: they ARE Piper's views. He's a product of Fuller Theological Seminary.

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