Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Francis Chan On Fat Christians

Francis Chan's views of today's churches:

He writes that these Christians remind him of "the fattest people on earth" who have consumed so much food that they can no longer walk. "They are fed more and more knowledge every week. They attend church services, join small group Bible Studies, read Christian books, listen to podcasts and are convinced they still need more knowledge."

Chan explained that continually listening to the Word without applying it has made Christians' ears dull to God's call.

Chan summed, "True faith is when we believe He's going to reward us whether it be in life now or the life to come. We know there's a reward coming and God wants us to have that kind of faith."

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The problem is that most of these churches aren't biblical, so they aren't feeding the sheep, but merely entertaining the goats. You can't blame the sheep on the goats' inability to obey the Shepherd.

The improper behavior of today's American Christian is actually a reflection upon their unbelief in Scripture. Let's start with Genesis 1-2 and I can prove it to you. Interesting Chan refers to Heb. 11:6 about pleasing God without faith is impossible, and yet the first three verses is about faith in the Genesis account of Creation.

The presumption there is no action to what they are hearing is false. Case in point: "One Thousand Gifts", "Purpose Driven Life", "Jesus Calling" and "50 Shades of Gray". Let's be honest: people ARE practicing what they are reading and hearing. It's just not biblical, that's all.

Social justice is NOT righteous spirituality. It is merely helping a fellow human being (let's define REAL "need" and REAL "poor" as well as REAL "brothers and sisters" first). Oprah is the master at that as is Rick Warren, but both are lost and without Christ Jesus.

You cannot walk by faith if you expect payment in return. That's not living by grace. The fact God does reward us (the verse he uses is about the revealing of God Himself, the nature of true faith, and the blessings in Heaven--not happiness now on earth---the list of martyrdom at the end of the very same chapter should've been clear to Chan on that).

Chan yet again sounds the trumpets like Oprah and Rick Warren with telling us how they are oh-so-spiritual in their giving "all the proceeds" to various social justice ministries (is Chan a member of a local church??). So, speaking of reward, this is all he's going to get.

I believe that the actual obese churches are the materialistic, mega churches. The ones that are so gluttonous, that they ask for money for missions while spending millions on the appearance of their building or church ground (do you really need a patio cover, fountain, several built-in bbq's, and a cafe? REALLY??). So yes, let's talk about the obesity of the churches...Because frankly there is a famine in the land for God's HOLY Word.

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