Monday, March 09, 2015

The Inerrancy of Scripture

The inerrancy of God's Word. It is a sword that pierces, not a q-tip that tickles. Take it seriously, folks. It is not to be chopped up into "essential" and "non-essential". Time to get back to be absolutely dogmatic on all that It speaks on.

If Scripture is infallible, it is invincible and therefore cannot be debated.
~Steve Lawson
If that is true, then the Creation week, divorce, parenting, sodomy, submission also cannot be debated. These are issues of Lordship.

If Scripture is inerrant and infallible, then obeying it is not an option and no doctrine is a mere opinion to be believed or disbelieved at our will.

If the Word of God is absolutely pure, then it means no science-so called--can redefine it or interpret it, because such a thing would make it impure and powerless. Science starts with man and changes from theory to theory, man to man, generation to generation. Scripture is not dictated by science.

Scripture means what it says and says what it means. This is true from the very first words in all of Scripture found in Gen. 1. To say it doesn't mean a literal 6 24 hour day creation week is to attack it, and therefore war against it and be unfaithful to it. When it says HE created all things in a literal 6 24 hour week, that's exactly what it means. To attack that is to wage war against God and His Word like the Ancient Serpent in the Garden,and unifying with Satan in saying "Hath God said?".

If Scripture is flawless, then every word is authoritative. How dare anyone who gives lip service to it then sit in judgement of it and chop it up into "important" and "less important" sections!

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