Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ignorant Muslim Portrays Bill O'Reilly's Notion of Jesus In New Movie

So, you know, it really could get worse than "The Passion", "Noah", "The Bible".....Here it is, the movie based on another book, this time by Christ-hating Romanist and self-appointed expert on the Bible and Jesus Christ Himself, Bill O'Reilly. The movie is called "Killing Jesus". What makes this interesting is, it's put out by the liberal and Christ-hating National Geographic channel, and  the actor playing O'Reilly's "Jesus"--he's a Muslim.

Quotes from "Christian" Post:

Sleiman, known for his 2007 role in "The Visitor," stated in a previously recorded on-set interview shared exclusively with The Christian Post that before being cast to play Jesus, he had been "going through a lot" in his life.

"And I used a lot of Jesus' teachings, you know, to apply it in my life. So when this part came, it was sort of magical to me that I would be doing this and everything that he taught, I believed in," Sleiman said.

Sleiman, raised as a Muslim, has previously emphasized that in Islam, Jesus is a revered (though not deified) figure and that he takes many of his teachings to heart.

"Jesus was a teacher, in a way," the actor said. "I mean, essentially, Jesus was a teacher. He was teaching people. He was helping them see themselves for what they were. He was helping them see their power, their strength, their beauty, what they're capable of."

End quote.

Ok so he believes in everything Jesus taught, yet denies Jesus was a teacher ("rabbi" or "teacher" would've been his first clue had he READ the Bible and has absolutely no idea what Jesus actually taught.

In Islam, Jesus isn't Jesus, he is Isa, a muslim prophet. Isa is NOT God the Son, not Jewish, and just merely a teacher of sorts. So killing "Jesus" is a good thing in the Muslim's eyes.

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