Saturday, July 04, 2015

Christians And Sodomy

In order to believe people are born sodomites (or as "Christians" like to sanitize it, born "leaning that way"), one must hold to psychology which is doctrines of demons. Why? Because only psychology has claimed---and cannot nor ever will be able to to prove--that there's a "gay gene". No true science has ever found such a thing. They never will, based on Romans 1. And by the way, if you believe this doctrine of demons is true, then you must also accept psychology's "science" of finding a "God Gene" too. To give in to the FUTILE and dark, hostile thinking of the world and slap it onto Christians is to wage war with God. Eph. 4 is extremely clear: unbelievers and the world's thinking has no benefit nor truth, therefore it cannot help Christians deal with their sin nor help in proclaiming the Gospel.

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