Saturday, July 04, 2015

Malcolm X: When Blacks Voted 80% Democrat

Malcolm X: When Blacks Voted 80% Democrat
What would Malcolm X would say now that democrats get 95% of the black vote? For this loyalty, here's what the democrats have done to blacks:
--The welfare state has caused families to implode.
--The equity/worth for blacks has cratered in the wake of the sub-prime crisis that resulted from wrongheaded policies designed to help so-called "underrepresented" borrowers.
--Government schools have dumbed down students and curricula-- while refusing to give parents school choice.
--Porous borders and lax enforcement allow illegal workers to threaten jobs and incomes.
--Heavy taxation/fines/fees/traffic tickets are exacted from residents to pay for a burdensome bureaucracy and excessive pensions.
--Social security is a rip-off for blacks who die earlier than whites, and therefore get a dismal return on their "investment." But reform, let alone private accounts as in Chile, New Zealand and England, is off-limits.
--Race-based admission standards cause a school mis-match of black and brown students--resulting in higher drop-out rates than would have occurred had the student attended a school commensurate with his/her credentials. And the student drop-outs leave mired in debt.
--The left/media/"activists" have so demonized--and demoralized-- the police that crime has gone up. Cops have grown passive for fear they'll be accuse of "police brutality." The victims of this passivity will be urban residents.
And we're debating the Confederate Flag?!?

What would Malcolm say?

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