Friday, July 03, 2015

George Takei's Racist Slander Against Clarence Thomas

Takei's ignorance is very apparent. It was his Democrat party that interred his family.

Takei shows no dignity, by the way. His emotional, irrational emoting is not based on truth.

Mark Levin on this here.

Rush Limbaugh takes it on too:

TAKEI:  He is a clown and black face sitting on the Supreme Court!  He gets me that angry! He doesn't belong there.  For him to say slaves had dignity? Doesn't he not know that slaves were enchained?  That they were whipped on the back?  If he saw the movie 12 Years as a Slave (sic), you know, they were raped.
RUSH:  Wow.  That's dignified.  That's respectful.  And totally misunderstanding.  But I'm sorry, George Takei couldn't carry Clarence Thomas' schoolbooks, judicial robe, or jockstrap. Take your pick.  But he wasn't finished...
TAKEI:  My parents lost everything that they worked for in the middle of their lives in their 30s.  His business -- my father's business -- our home, our freedom, and we're supposed to call that dignified? Marched out of our homes at gun point?  I mean, this man does not belong in the Supreme Court.  He is an embarrassment.  He is a disgrace to America.
RUSH:  Okay, folks, I went looking during the break to find out what it was that George Takei was so righteously, undignified, disrespectfully angry about.  And I found it.  Would you like to hear what Justice Thomas wrote in his dissent?  Here it is:  "Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them."
The other explanation is that Takei is not cultured enough to understand what Justice Thomas was saying.  Justice Thomas, when he writes slaves did not lose their dignity any more than they lost their humanity, is complimenting them.  Justice Thomas is writing praiseworthy of people.  No matter the injustice done to them, they did not lose their dignity, their self-identity.  He's complimentary.  He is praiseworthy. 
Now, Takei either doesn't have the culture himself to understand that or is simply looking for an excuse to pop off.  If you listen to what Takei said (imitating Takei), "What do you mean, dignity?  Why, slaves got chains on their backs, where's the dignity in that?"  He didn't say that.  He didn't say their treatment was dignified.  He said the way they comported themselves in the midst of this inhumanity was dignified.  The ultimate compliment! 
Now, does George Takei really not have the depth of character to understand that?  Or is he just looking for a cheap shot to get some outrageous comment publicized and noticed?.... I tell you something, what Justice Thomas wrote there, to me, is actually beautiful and an attempt here at presenting people as genuine champions of humanity.  They remained dignified.  They held on to their dignity while being so ill-treated and mistreated.  That's all he's saying here. 
Think otherwise.  Do you think Clarence Thomas would actually write, anybody would actually write that slaves lost their dignity and were undignified. It would be insulting to people.  Compare slavery to prisoners of war, if you will.  Prisoners of war are always -- look at the way McCain is treated and heralded.  All prisoners of war are automatically assumed to be -- we make movies about them.  Their spirit.  Their triumph.  That's all Thomas was doing.  It's just amazing to me.  But yet there has to be anger.  There has to be all this angst.  I have to get noticed.  I have to pop off.  

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