Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dialogue Leads To Error and Error Provides No Insight To The Truth

Listen; let me tell you something very simple, truth gains nothing from dialogue with error. That is pointless. And in the Evangelical world today the climate is, "Let's dialogue. Let's sit down with Muslims and let's sit down with the Roman Catholics, and let's sit down with Orthodox Jewish people, and let's sit down with these other people and we'll grown in the dialogue." You know what happens in dialogue? Nothing good. You wanna be patient with people; you wanna be loving and gracious. I don't need the Islamic view of anything to interpret the Bible. Do you understand that? I don't need the Mormon view of anything to interpret the Bible. That's not a necessary element. Error provides no insight to truth. Error is not a hermeneutic. I don't interpret the Bible better because now I'm a buddy with a Muslim. I wanna be a friend to a Muslim. I wanna be a loving friend to one because I wanna lead him to the truth - that nothing in his religion makes any contribution to my understanding of Scripture. The only thing that happens in those dialogues is compromise. And the end result always seems to be the same - the diminishing of conviction about truth.

~MacArthur "The Battle For Truth, Part 1"

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