Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beth Moore Complains About Public Accountability For Public Statements

...I had no idea that if you felt God had spoken something specific to you, you'd be labeled a mystic. I'm more afraid to tell things now.
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"If you felt God has spoken something specific to you"? Felt it? What does that feel like, exactly? So its just a feeling, not something you'd claim as fact, as a non-negotiable, not something you'd die on the hill for, eh? 

Consider that's part of the problem Beth. 
What you thought was God speaking a revelation or showing you a vision, wasn't HIM. God never goes against His true and faithful Word. This is true regarding women teaching men, regarding psycho-heresy, or about using pagan practices for "worship" of God, or about including Roman Catholics/RCC within HIS family (they have a false gospel and  are full of idolatry, by very definition).

A prophet in the OT did not waver when God spoke something to him to proclaim to Israel. So your lack of confidence that that was truly God perhaps is actually revealing itself...which would be a good thing, indeed. Time to repent.

You SHOULD fear what you are unqualified as a teacher (you twisted Hebrews 13:25 horribly) nor are you hearing from HIM, yet you speak these things and plaster HIS holy name onto them.
When you make public statements so boldly and in-your-face, do not cry "martyr!" when you are caught being unfaithful to Scripture. You aren't a martyr. You are committing mutiny.
By your public teaching, you automatically are to be tested publicly. 
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ndr1017 said...

IMO, I value being taught or shown the teaching of the Bible by Beth Moore. I am a female being taught by another female whose faith is stronger than my own. I believe that females should not teach males of elder stature like the Bible says, but what you have said in your blogs surprises me in one value that Pastors have chosen to use her scripts as well as Kay Arthur's scripts. These two women primarily write studies and devotionals that speak to women. It is the men who choose to pick up the material. We cannot judge her for things others are choosing to do.

Denise said...


As I've shown in other articles, Beth Moore for example, has always taught men from early on in her teaching career, starting at her church. So she's been living in rebellion against God's Word. Also she is a participator in the Roman Cathlic Eastern Mysticm of Contemplative Spirituality/prayer, most recently leading MEN and women in Lectio Divina prayer. Check my other articles for this information.

Morever, you make my point; that women teachers who go broad in their audience end up teaching men even in the pulpit. This is what Scripture warns against.

Moore is unable to teach Scripture b/c instead of studying what is says, she reads INTO the Word what she wants it to say. Examples of this I've also given, but one that comes to mind is her treatment of Heb. 13:25.

As for Kay Arthur, she too, has influenced men through her teaching via writing Bible studies. Morever, she also teaches men from the pulpit.

You might want to check out this article for more info: