Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come Down Hard On James MacDonald, but Hands Off John Piper for the Same Thing!

Interesting how discernment bloggers have not been really noticed much since this Elephant Room/TD Jakes thing has happened. Yet those who mocked them are quite in demand for folks to hear what they have to say.

The problem is, while these vocal men beat their chests against MacDonald embracing TD Jakes as a Christian (with only a very light treatment of Mark Driscoll who is equally culpable) yet they won't beat their chest against Piper. Piper's been at this for far longer, as has Mark Driscoll.

Perhaps these fiery blogging  wretched men types should just be patient and give MacDonald the respect he deserves, allowing for him to clarify himself, after all, the man's a pastor.


Oh, that was just for Piper. Over and over Piper (even as I type this) parades around his friend, heretic Doug Wilson (who denies Justification by Faith alone and denies the New Covenant is solely for believers by the blood of Christ), is speaking at the Desiring conference. Why, just a week or two ago, Piper tweeted how Allah and Adonai can be known and loved only through the crucified and resurrected Jesus Christ! Allah--the modern equivalent of Baal in the O.T. days. Allah, who is not triune and has no Son (among other things) and is absolutely without question DEMONIC. Yeah, Piper, the seasoned Tweeter, pastor, author, and speaker said THAT blasphemous statement. And what did the fire blogger say? He told folks to give him some grace (after all, 140 characters is hardly enough room to "exeget" Scripture! Piper wouldn't contradict all his orthodox preaching by merely one tweet!). Where's the same call for grace for MacDonald? There's no difference here: the modalist god and Allah t are both false gods with false gospels, neither can save and both are demons and spout doctrines of demons.

Let's not forget, either, that Piper has also paraded around and defended with stubborn defiance, Rick Warren, another infamous heretic.

So why come down so hard on MacDonald when they give a pass and a myriad of excuses to Piper?

And what about Mark the dirty, x-rated "pastor" Dricsoll?

Well, never mind. Its not like some of us have warned folks about Piper, Driscoll, and Jakes for years or anything. Its not like we didn't sound the warning bell of the Elephant Stampeded or the "Religious" Coalition. Its not like anyone has a REAL problem with Tim Keller who's on that board along with Piper and Driscoll--a man who along with Piper, denies the Genesis Creation account, who denies Justification by faith (yup Federal visionist too), who promotes New Agers.

Nope. It seems these big boy self-proclaimed discerners of the discerners have no discernment nor passion for the truth when it comes to some men rather than everyone who fails the test of Scripture as faithful teachers and Christians.

Welcome to the Post-Modern, man-centered, hypocritical, Christian Hedonistic Jungle. The elephants are only one problem!

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