Saturday, January 28, 2012

The "Gospel" Coalition's Silence On Embracing Modalism Is Deafening

I find the silence from the rest of the big boys of The Religious Coalition to be deafening and quite frankly, sickening. It seems many of these men are cowards. I applaud Baucham for standing up for the Truth and dividing away from the heretics.

James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll should be rebuked publicly and frankly quite harshly since these men fancy themselves to be mature Christians via their position as pastors. Tim Keller is another false teacher there, so this isn't limited to just the kindred spirits with heretic TD Jakes.

This is an example of why these coalitions are just silly. They answer to no one and they embrace everyone except those who rebuke them.

Btw, the Religious Coalition threatened arresting a few folks if they did not leave even though they had paid for their registration. One GC employee threatened another person to be silent.

God won't be silent. He will not allow HIS name to be maligned. What was done in secret will be brought to the light BY HIM. Those who are loyal to Christ, those who have the love of the Truth, will NOT find any common ground with such enemies of the Cross, but rather expose the deeds of darkness, hating even the garments worn by such treasonous men.


SCB said...


You mention "The Religious Coalition" above and when searched it out I find many groups and Org's using this title (reproductive, marriage ect.). The pastors you mention, are they part of a particular organization by that name? I did find "The Gospel Coalition" and wonder if this is the one you are referencing?

Kind regards, Sean

Denise said...

Sorry to have confused you. I use "religious" instead of "Gospel" sometimes in referring to the Gospel Coalition, simply because they have embraced false teachers who reject the Triune God and the Gospel of that Triune its become just a religious coalition.

SCB said...

Oh, silly me. After reading Keller's posts on TGC (without a single Biblical reference, but he's always eager to quote other authors), your substitution is correct.

Denise said...

No problem SCB.