Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piper: Allah and Adonia Can Be Known And Loved Through Christ

Allah is not triune, does not have a Son, is mutable, had to add mercy and light to himself, is unholy, promotes sexual immorality in "Paradise" as well as on earth, promotes violence including murder, and utterly rejects the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ who was crucified and rose again from the dead. Allah is not on par with Adonai of Scripture, NOR is Allah loved and known through Christ! Allah is a demon! This just burns me up!!! As MacArthur stated clearly, Allah is another name for Satan. We need to reject Piper totally.

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SCB said...

If you're in religion to profit from it, one needs to expand their market.

If it's as Piper suggests; Allah may be reached via Christ. Will we soon hear that Adonia may be known via Muhammad?

I wonder if Piper understands that this is a neither hot nor cold statement?