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2014 Catalyst Conference (Dallas) Promotes Contemplative Spirituality: speakers include Craig Groschel and Phyllis Tickle

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The event, called “Catalyst Dallas,” was sponsored by Atlanta-based Catalyst and featured speakers Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch.tv, filmmaker Ryan Leak, corporate management expert Patrick Lencioni and author Jen Hatmaker, among many others.

A common theme throughout Catalyst Dallas was the work of Roman Catholic mystics Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating and Henri Nouwen.
In a workshop Tuesday afternoon, Phileena Heuertz led the audience in a “centering prayer,” which detractors argue opens the door to altered states of consciousness and possibly occult influences.
According to author Phyllis Tickle, there are “seven ancient disciplines,” including centering prayer, or “fixed-hour prayer,” that are making a comeback among younger Christians. Included in these disciplines is the practice of solitude and “centering prayer.”
However, Ken Silva, director of Apprising Ministries, said he was dismayed at the presence of the mystical form of prayer at Catalyst.
He notes its growth among mainstream evangelicals through the influence of the Emerging Church movement, which has promoted it as a core doctrine. For the past couple of years he has seen it recommended by influential evangelicals such as Rick Warren.
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~Excerpts from Jim Fletcher of WND    ***Linked names are mine, not original***

I have been reporting on Emergent Catalyst for years now. For those articles go here.
Catalyst has been one of the original Emergent conferences for years, so this isn't a surprise.

Names of leaders who participate in this paganism: Craig Groeschel, Phyllis Tickle...and in prior years:Andy Stanely, Matt Chandler, Dave Ramsey, Judah Smith (shared the pulpit with John Piper at Passion 2014), Nancy Ortberg (pastor of 8 years at pagan-friendly Willow Creek Community Church), Christine Caine (Hillsong church,; shared the pulpit with John Piper at Passion 20014), Joseph Rev Run Simmons from MTV and fashion guy, Soledad O'brien, John Perkins, Dorsey Twitter founder, Britt Merrick pastor of Reality in Carpenteria, author, Scot McKnight, David Platt, Beth Moore (shared the pulpit with Francis Chan  and Judah Smith at Passion 2014), Bishop T.D. Jakes, Francis Chan (shared the pulpit with Beth Moore, Judah Smith Lou Giglio at Passion 20014),Perry Noble.

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