Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The "Gay 90's" And Where We Are Today

"Ever heard of the “Gay '90s?”  The 1890s saw a fin-de-siècle cult of aesthetical excess that allowed promiscuous cads, homosexuals, demimonde solicitors, and pornographers to flourish in wealthy cities like Paris and Chicago, while the poor lived twenty to a room and the masses starved.
Back then, the term “gay” didn’t mean homosexual, but the ties between the two words were already being forged.  “Gay” meant devil-may-care, a bit self-indulgent, irreverent, the bon vivant of the party who downs cocktails, engages in forbidden pleasures, and charms his way out of trouble.... “Gay” men were serial bachelors, deadbeat dads, bisexuals, homosexuals, drifters, gamblers, cross-dressers, opium addicts, and circuit boys."  
End quote.

Lopez goes on to discuss the faked hate crimes by sodomites themselves, in order to get sympathy for them (and hostility against Christians), but the FACTS prove that they were faked. Dishonesty for the sodomite agenda defenders, is apparently the best policy. After all, if it hasn't happened, pretend it has and does, and then cause the crowds to hate ("H8") those you want to bully. Lopeze goes on after giving a list of numerous cases of faked hate crimes:
"At every turn, the show must go on. In the face of overwhelming evidence that things are going badly for gay people there’s HIVsuicides caused by romantic cruelty from other gays, intimate partner violenceeating disordershigh addiction rateshigh divorce rates, rampant sexual assaultsyphilisemotional abuse – personal interest stories are trotted out to distract people from unflattering statistics from the Urban Institute, the CDC, and the Department of Justice, while the public is pounded over the head with comparatively unimportant, and in any case shoddy, statistics showing that kids with gay parents get okay grades in school and have acceptable levels of self-esteem.  (So it’s okay to rip them away from one of their biological parents forever?)"

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