Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Degradation of Culture

For the homosexuality-affirming movement to hold culture tightly in its foul grip, those for whom same-sex attraction and activity define “identity” must capture the hearts and minds of children who are our future. Hence the unholy clutching and scrabbling to rule public schools, even at the expense of intellectual freedom, diversity, and exploration.

They must also capture the hearts and minds of men—who are by nature leaders of culture. Hence the unholy scrabbling and clutching to transmogrify bastions of masculinity: the Boy Scouts of America, the military, and sports.

Those who find the video of homosexual NFL draftee Michael Sam “endearing” have had their consciences seared and values deformed. While it is a good thing that the rigid taboo against men expressing emotion has weakened, the image of a man tearfully stroking the arm of a weeping male lover and a celebratory homoerotic kiss between two men should provoke strong reactions—none of which should be “aw, isn’t that sweet.”.....

And if you think that being brought up in a sodomite home is good, think again. You KNOW it's contrary to what is right. Mentioned and linked in this article above, is the sad story of an attorney who was raised by two lesbians for decades and how that caused him to suffer in different ways, not at the hand of anti-sodomy folks, but in the sodomite culture itself.

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