Friday, May 23, 2014

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Admits First Muslim

"Nagagreh said he has had a very good experience at the seminary thus far and will return for his second year in the fall. Patterson said he agreed to admit Nagagreh because Nagagreh agreed to follow the seminary’s lifestyle covenant, which covers personal behavior such as smoking, drinking and sexual relations.

“I also thought it provided a chance for us to have an influence on his life,” Patterson said."

End quote.

~The Washington Post

Wow, you couldn't get more stupid if you tried. The Muslims are looking for stupid Westerners through whom they can infiltrate our country and schools. Not to mention Satan doing the same on a grander scale among the wheat.

What pragmatic idiocy by Patterson. Of COURSE the Muslim would agree to a more conservative lifestyle. Just agree to outward moralism but ignore the blatant idolatry and wickedness of Islam (never mind that Islam teaches polygamy and wife beating along with murdering Christians and Jews and in some cases fellow Muslims). As long as no outward immorality, but it's ok that the Muslim isn't required to adhere to Yahweh and Scripture! THAT is condemning.

If anyone had any doubt about the downfall of SWBTS before, there should be NONE now. All they want is $$$$$. And the reality is that little Islam guy will do his proselytizing right there in the seminary. Guarantee you that there will be moronic seminary students who fancy themselves so educated and open minded that they will be seduced by the demon of Allah to accept Islam as compatible with Christianity (they don't hate us!). This will be applauded by Trick Warren too b/c he does the same thing. Shame. Shame. Shame on them all.

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