Saturday, May 03, 2014

Jars of Clay's Dan Haseltine's Pro-Sodomy Update: digging his grave even deeper

I'm going to say it as concisely, and bluntly as possible, because we've run out of time to do anything else but get to the heart of the matter here.

There is nothing vague, unclear, nothing complicated about God's view of sodomy on all levels. To claim otherwise is to deny Scripture. Period. Culture is wrong, God is right. How hard is it? There's nothing to bite one's fingernails over; nothing to really think and consider when it comes to sodomy and sodomy unions. Nothing. The fake agony and claim of ignorance or being open minded is nothing short of dishonesty and hatred of the Truth. Confusion only comes in when Scripture is questions and culture is accepted. 

To even DARE to buy into the pagan notion that sodomy is like race is also dishonest and absolutely wrong. One chooses sodomy, one can't chose one's parents. Seriously Dan??? You've lost the battle AND the war. You are a traitor. Jars of Clay should be rejected.

Voddie Baucham takes on this ridiculous notion of equating sodomy to race in his article "Gay is Not the New Black".

For my response to Haseltine's original claims go here. All of Scripture condemns sodomy on every level. I've posted several verses in that article.

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