Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Amy Grant On Sodomy

Last April Amy Grant, Contemporary "Christian" Music artist had an interview with a sodomite newspaper.Not one word about Jesus Christ and His Gospel in this interview. Then again, that is what Grant is infamous for. Here are some excerpts on which I comment.

When feelings dictate your views instead of Scripture, you are declaring war on God. 

Q:So how do you respond to people when they ask you about your feelings on gay marriage?
A:In the same way that I did not tell one person who I voted for. I don't. I never talk about anything like that. I did tell Vince (Gill, her husband) the day after the election. (Laughs)
But I think my response is, I have had so many occasions in my life where I have felt really strongly about something - but that feeling has changed. Those feelings change about different situations, and so because I'm a public person - and because I want always to bring people together - I really do say this is a world that's unfamiliar to me and I am always trying to observe with compassion.
End quote.

God's Word and His nature never change. Therefore if she's changed her mind about the sin of sodomy and finds it a non-issue, she is in violation of the Bible.

She's the epitome of seeking the applause of man, not the thrice holy God:

Q:How did you know? Did a fan tell you his or her coming-out story?
A. No. Just from meeting people. I don't know. I guess I'm kind of going, that was a long time ago. I'm 52. (Laughs) I've never even thought about it. It's like saying, "There's gray-haired people in the crowd, too." If people come to my shows, this is what they say: "Wow, there are people of all ages and lifestyles in your crowd." That's what they always say. But then someone will come up and say, "You know, I saw a guy with a boa on," and I'll say, "Oh yeah, yeah, I've always had a big gay following." (Laughs)
To me, I don't give it a second thought. I remember the first time someone from the crew said, "I smell pot in the back of the crowd," and I went, "Well, fantastic! Yay!" I'm so glad that just "people" are coming.

End quote.

Q:Weren't you invited to perform at the wedding of one of your gay fans but couldn't due to your schedule?
A:I was invited. I was honored to be invited. I have to tell you: Anytime somebody asks me to perform at a wedding, I say, "I do not have a good track record." (Laughs) A lot of the weddings I've performed at, the marriages have ended poorly.
End quote.
That's quite a low and unholy view of marriage there Amy. Trivializing marriage isn't something to be laughing about. It should be shamed.

For Scripture on why sodomy is always wrong you can go to my article here. Also a search on my blog will list the dozens of articles I have written in dealing with the issue of sodomy according to Scripture. 


Denise said...

Remember, you are a guest here. It is not a right to comment on my wall. Act like rational, mature people, ask genuine questions, bring Scripture, IN CONTEXT, to support your views. Otherwise you don't get the privilege of commenting here. Personal attacks merely prove my point of how irrational and unable liberals truly are in dealing with biblical issues. Judging others like me, for my biblical stand is hypocritical, so deal with your hypocrisy before commenting, please. It won't be tolerated here, except to demonstrate the other points I have just made in this comment, at my discretion.

Denise said...

Rom 1:32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

Behold, the God of Scripture and of creation has spoken, and you are indeed guilty before HIM for approving of sodomy, giving a false portrayal of the THRICE Holy One of Israel and HIS standard of holiness (without which NO ONE will see Him), and your insults and attempt to silence this biblical Christian blogger. You must deal with Scripture and the Omnipotent Triune God, with whom I have to do.