Saturday, June 21, 2014

Biblical Discernment and Taking Up Arms For the Ongoing War for Truth Isn't An Option

"All Christians share the biblical mandate to cultivate biblical discernment. Remaining passive in the church and ignoring the cancerous effects of false teaching is a serious dereliction of our duty as believers. We are to be equipped with the biblical tools necessary to identify, expose, repudiate, and excommunicate all wolves who sneak into the church. Out of love for Christ, His people, and the pure exclusive gospel that He delivered, each of us must take up arms in the ongoing war for the truth."

~ John MacArthur

It's a command, not an option. To quench the Spirit by detesting and devaluing the gift of discernment, whether or not you like the package through which HE has brought it, is sin. If you TRULY value honesty as a virtue, then you MUST accept the Truth. Otherwise examine yourself to see if you are even in the faith.

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