Friday, June 27, 2014

The American Church

The notion to detach error from those who espouse it, and to grant 'grace' (re-defined) to those who publicly shame the testimony of Christ and the unified body in truth, is a disservice to the body of Christ. As publicly as such men are commended, is as publicly as they should be refuted. It is not the way of the prophets to disconnect men from their errors, nor was it the way of John the Baptist, Paul, the apostles, nor the way of the Blessed Lord Jesus. Hymaneus and Alexander the coppersmith are in the eternal writ, the Pharisees were not spared, neither were Jannes and Jambres. 

The so-named church of Americanism has erred greatly in one respect. She has rebuked the discerning and coddled the hirelings, all because she would rather preserve her 'ministry' than to protect the blessed name of Jesus Christ. This disposition is a mark of arrogance, apostasy and anarchy; not vitality, unity and humility. Graciousness shall never trump discernment. If it does, it is not graciousness, but selfishness. True shepherds warn the sheep, often against the mood of the mob and the mob's complacency. Did not God detach us from our sin or give us a new nature? Or did he merely coddle us in our sin and proclaim that we are fundamentally 'good', just flawed in certain areas? Jerusalem stoned her faithful men, gathered to herself false shepherds and loved it so. America shuns them, promotes the false prophets, and grants them celebrity sainthood. We shall render an account...

~The Biblical Christ Institute

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