Thursday, June 05, 2014

Those Who Love the Truth

“Those who do "love the truth" (2 Thessalonians 2:10) are they in whom a divine work of grace has been wrought. They have something more than a clear, intellectual understanding of the Scripture: it is the food of their souls, the joy of their hearts (Jeremiah 15:16). They love the truth, and because they do so, they hate error and shun it as deadly poison. They are jealous for the glory of the Author of the Word, and will not sit under a minister whose teaching dishonors Him; they will not listen to preaching which exalts man into the place of supremacy, so that he is the decider of his own destiny.”
~ Arthur W. Pink "Experimental Salvation

I also would add  they will not dirty their worship by singing hymns written by unbelievers or the songs which teach error. What we sing in church is as important as who stands behind the pulpit. The discerning Christian cannot tolerate error in either, not because of self-righteousness, but because of loving the truth and desiring to have a clear conscience before God first and then man. Often I have refused to sing either a stanza or an entire song b/c of either its lyrics or because of the author.

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