Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Fleshly, Man-Centered "Jesus" From the Calvinists

The continuing downgrade of "Desiring [A] God":

"Jesus was almost euphoric."
"Jesus turns his exuberance into God-ward thanks."
"We find Christ in an ecstasy, "
"Christ seemed to make man, of all earthly things, his chief joy on earth"
"That’s what Christ bought for us when he died and shed the blood of the new covenant. He bought for us the gift of joy in God” (Piper). "
"He took it upon himself to secure our satisfied hearts."
These quotes should send a child up your spine. This is wholly man-centered, sensuous, hedonistic, and irreverent. And frankly, more Driscollesque than anything. And it reeks of Arminianism.

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