Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Prediction On Mark Driscoll's Future


As  I predicted, Driscoll has now been "officially" restored. As reported by Pulpit and Pen in showing part of the performance of some men laying hands on Driscoll (after his 30+ minute speech) and then gave him Disneyland passes (those are PRICEY btw) as a reward for being such a victim.

They report:

In the short, six minute video (which reportedly was just a fraction of his time on stage)…
  • Mark gives a prayer of thanks and appreciation that “struck shepherds” can be forgiven.
  • Mark prays that God send the Spirit to help the shepherds “forgive” those who struck them and be given keys to release themselves from such torment.
  • Mark then prays for refreshing and renewing for “struck shepherds.”

End quote.

The video is offered at P&P. The full video is here.

Apparently claims of God's audible voice:

Several attendees report that Driscoll had spoken about hearing the voice of God a number of times, and said “We audibly heard the voice of God to be released from ministry." - Pulpit & Pen

Sadly his first words included: Jesus' goal is to bring a flock to gather around you.... Showing yet again his self-centered, egotistical view. Not one to be held down too long, he's ready to take the stage again, regardless that he was well disqualified years ago. Like the rest of the Charismatics, they lust for the limelight. To their destruction.

I suspect that Mark Driscoll has started started writing a book on his victimization and eventual resignation from his empire, which will come out just as his new church or ministry will commence. James MacDonald will probably be the one to write the forward.

Mark it. It will happen.

He's too arrogant to stay away from the spotlight. He's not repentant either. He continues to blame others.

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