Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sin and DNA

"Straights must be taught that it is as natural for some persons to be homosexual as it is for others to be heterosexual." - Voddie  Baucham quoting author Russell Kirk (sp?).
This is exactly what Christians are saying only they say it's a mere "struggle" with "same sex attraction" and that "it's like any other sin we struggle with." Do you see how the world has infested it's thinking on "Christians"? Do you see the subtlety there? Sodomy is NOT normal. It is perverted and UNNATURAL and is the judgment of God upon a hardened heart that refuses to acknowledge Him as Creator (Romans 1).

By the way it also accepts the psychological and evolution's notion that certain behaviors are encoded into our DNA. Realize what that is saying there. They are saying that there is a predisposition to certain particular sins for people. 

Christians have also bought into the world's philosophy of "alcoholism" being an eternal "struggle" with which one never overcomes --and that thinking is applied equally to sodomy--a "struggle" they will just live for the rest of their lives, contrary to God's Word that says, once saved, you STOP with the sodomy (which btw, begins in the heart), you STOP being a drunk, you STOP stealing, you STOP committing adultery.

They are also inferring that  morals come via DNA. Violence, drunkenness, sodomy, pedophilia, adultery are someone in our DNA? That is not biblical either. DNA has no bearing on sin. Sin is not encoded on our DNA. Sin is what our NATURE IS.  And sodomy is the result of God removing His hand off of hardened hearts that hate God so much they have unnatural, deviant lusts, and so He lets them get their fill as well as their DUE PENALTY.

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