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"What strange methods God sometimes employs in teaching His Children much needed lessons! This has recently been the writer's experience. I have been approached by a "university" to accept from them a degree of "D. D." Asking for time to be given so that I might prayerfully seek from God, through His written word, a knowledge of His will, fuller light came than was expected. I had very serious doubts as to the permissibility of one of God's servants accepting a title of fleshly honour. I now perceive that it is wrong for me to receive it even complimentary.

Various friends, as a mark of respect, have addressed me as "Dr. Pink." I now ask them to please CEASE from doing so. Let it not be understood that I hereby condemn other men for what they allow. No, to their own Master they stand or fall. The principal passages which have helped me I now mention, praying that it may please God to also bless them to others.

FIRST, to the false comforters of Job, Elihu (God's representative) said. "Let me not, I pray you, accept any man's person, neither let me give FLATTERING TITLES unto men" (Job 32:31).
SECOND, "Be NOT ye called Rabbi" or teacher" (Matthew 23:8), which is what "Doctor" signifies.
THIRD, John 5:44 reproves those who "receive honor one of another" and bids us seek "the honor that cometh from God ONLY."
FOURTH, none of the Lord's servants in the New Testament ever employed a title. "Paul, an apostle, "but never "the apostle Paul."
FIFTH, the Son of God "made Himself of no reputation" (Phil. 2:7); is it then fitting that His servants should now follow an opposite course?
SIXTH, Christ bids us learn of Him who was "meek and lowly" (Matthew 11:29).
SEVENTH, one of the marks of the apostasy as "having men's persons in admiration because of advantage" (Jude 17).
EIGHTH, we are bidden to go forth unto Christ outside the camp "bearing His reproach" (Heb. 13:13).
For these reasons it does not seem to me to be fitting that one who is here as a representative and witness for a "despised and rejected" Christ should be honoured and flattered of men.
Please address me as "BROTHER PINK"

~A.W. Pink

This has become my conviction too. I detest the use of "Dr." among the children of God, which makes a man-made distinction between us. There is a local church here, who has changed their church sign that once included in small print the pastor's name as well as the days and times of services, to now ONLY the name of the pastor, a "Dr." which is singularly displayed in proud prominence and huge font on that sign for passers-by to see, and I suppose, admire and be impressed with. But it tells me  they are more interested in the flesh and carnal things than that which is of Christ. Trust in degrees and education has become the most important qualification for a pastor today than what his fellowship,  love, and true wisdom is of God and His Word. Biblical requirements are tossed aside for that which the world and the fleshly "Christian" will be impressed with--that which they presume gives them more credibility. Humility is no more a qualification for church leaders. But this is not according to Scripture.

The verses Pink gives are sufficient. Here's another quote that echoes the same thought:
He [Jesus]  is prohibiting the use of self-exalting and honorific titles of distinction among those who have chosen to follow Christ. While conferring honorific titles upon prominent religious authorities may be the way of the world, it is not the path that Christ has called us to pursue.

Yet, in spite of the clarity of Jesus’ command, Christians have historically ignored His words. We continue, for example, to address our church shepherds as "Reverend," "Doctor," or "Minister" and, unfortunately, far too many of them are glad to receive such flattery and even love to have it so!

The New Testament simply provides no warrant for giving congregational leaders priestly or honorific titles. Thus, any man who seeks or permits such titles to be given to him violates the express commands of Christ (Matthew 23:8-10) as well as apostolic practice.

~   Darryl M. Erkel

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