Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Unregenerate's Concept of God Is One-Sided and Not Holy

"Herein we find proof for the Divine inspiration of the Scriptures. The unregenerate do not really believe in the holiness of God. Their conception of His character is altogether one-sided. They fondly hope that His mercy will override everything else. "You thought I was just like you!"(Psalm 50:21) is God’s charge against them. They think only of a "god" patterned after their own evil hearts. Hence their continuance in a course of mad folly."

~Arthur Pink, "The Attributes of God (Holiness)

Those who reject the divine inspiration of Scripture as they sit in judgment of it and scoff it, when it clearly states that the HOLY HOLY HOLY One of Israel hates the wicked, indeed have an idol made after their own selves, not the true God.

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