Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Homofacism In 2015

In 2015, unconditional love, respect, and dignity are out the door. The militant LGBT lobby now wants blood – your lifeblood. If you aren’t willing to stand up in the public square and declare your undying support for same-sex marriage – you’ll be trashed.
You don’t deserve to work, to own a business, to be able to support your family, to practice your faith, to have a different opinion. You’re nothing – because you don’t want what they want.
It seems as if the LGBT “agenda” has veered from one that holds up humanity and compassion to one that is filled with vengeance and anger....
So hate-filled is the militant gay lobby that it demands lockstep obedience from gays and lesbians, as well – those whose “rights” they supposedly are here to protect.
Gay entrepreneurs and real estate developers Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner thought America was still America, and they could invite people they disagree with about some things over for coffee. The two hosted an event for Ted Cruz to discuss Israel – about which they share similar views.
But the LGBT haters – who now aim to dictate what all gays may say – would not tolerate the fact that Cruz isn’t in line with the “agenda” on same-sex marriage. Therefore, Weiderpass and Reisner had to be destroyed, via boycotts and social media campaigns. Because the haters insist if they don’t own you completely, you must be reduced to nothing, Reisner succumbed to the pressure and apologized to the Gay Force for the heinous crime of inviting someone with a different opinion on marriage over for conversation and friendly debate.
The gay hate machine is not happy merely destroying businesses and livelihoods. This militant lobby has also hijacked the civil rights movement in the hope that few will recall what that struggle was really about....
In Russellville, Arkansas, on Saturday, young militant gays who would not tolerate a person of faith having her say, intimidated, bullied, and shouted over a black church leader invited to give an address to supporters of traditional marriage. She had to be silenced because that’s the kind of “civil rights movement” militant gays have – one in which only they have “rights,” and no one else does.
David Weigel, writing at Bloomberg, observed the increasing string of casualties to the militant gay lobby’s hate: “First they came for Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla. Then they came for the Memories Pizza restaurateurs in Indiana. And then they came for Weiderpass and Reisner and Cruz.”
We could add wedding bakers, bridal shop owners, photographers, and even San Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to that list. Who will be the next victim of the hate?

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