Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How To Turn Biblical Christianity Into Accepting the Wicked Sin of Sodomy

The play on emotions, sympathy, grace, and tolerance in order to get Christians to accept sodomites "of the heart" and therefore to normalize it by equalizing it's corrupt and wicked sin as any other sin, is a scheme of the devil. The next step is to get those same people to be so emotionally driven by sympathy over the sodomite's unfair "loneliness" (they are just like us, with needs like us), that it will cause them to accept "monogamous" sodomite relationships and then unions. This, I believe, is the goal of Satan. It has already begun.

Let's remember that Scripture, which is the SOLE source of truth on this matter, says that even the desire for the same sex is wholly rebellious and unnatural. Romans 1 gives the descriptions as: lusts of their hearts,impure, dishonorable passions, consumed with passion, unnatural, contrary to nature". It is so heinous that the very desire goes against the created order God has set forth in the Beginning. It is both the desire as well as the behavior that is contrary to HIS order.

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