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Our Daily Bread Accepts Sodomy "Of the Heart" As Normal

Our Daily Bread ministry has launched a new ministry: Off The Page.

They said on Facebook:

Our Daily Bread Hello Denise, yes Off The Off the Page is our brand new ministry focusing on a younger generation! We hope you enjoy it and will share with those you know!

Thanks and God Bless!
Our Daily Bread

What makes this so concerning is that they've posted four articles and some videos  about "same sex attraction" or as Scripture says it: sodomy, on this new website.

**Note of clarification**

Our Daily Bread hasn't posted these yet nor linked to the new blog yet either...and for clarity, ODB devotionals, as far as I know, do not promote this as of yet--the photo was merely to remind folks of who this organization is--they are familiar booklets found in many churches.

The author of the articles is Laurie Krieg who also has some videos about this too.  Elsewhere she's written on this unnatural desire.

Krieg states in her first article, and thus proving that it's not about merely having lust in one's heart for the same sex,

I felt so alone. I was in a same-sex relationship with another Christian, but I did not feel like I could talk about what was going on with anyone outside of our relationship...

I also thought I was a freak . . . a terrible Christ-follower.

Look around the room. One in ten people experience same-sex attraction.
 It may not be obvious, but they are there. I know because as I grow in bravery sharing my own story, many come forward, sighing in relief because they are not alone.
I am not alone.
You are not alone.
We are also not freaks—no matter how many people silently or not-so-silently tell us we are.
About a year after my interaction with the Christian bookstore clerk, I sat on the floor of my room as the wave of shame and guilt rushed over me because of my continued struggle with same-sex attractions and behaviors.
The sun was shining, birds were singing, but it was all darkness in my mind. Why do I keep doing this? Thoughts of death threatened to overwhelm me. Why cant I stop?
End quote.

I don't know anyone who has merely been a sodomite of the heart that did not also engage in the behavior.

The problem is that she was feeling the weight of her guilt but it seems she did not confess and repent of it (I haven't yet read her other articles). But in one article on her blog, she failed to mention her lesbian relationship, so she's seeming to paint herself as a woman who "merely" has lust after women, but hasn't crossed the "line".

How did she deal with her guilt of sin? She says that a whisper from God that he loves her overwhelmed her and that changed her view of herself. It was merely God proclaiming His love to her. That's an unholy love. HIS love does not rejoice in evil (1Cor 13). His love does not ignore the sin, and one so heinous, of sodomy. His righteousness is FIRST borne upon such sin SO THAT the sinner can confess it and repent of it. Not excuse it away as "well I was born this way".

Today she says she's married (6 years) to a man and has one child. Marrying someone of the opposite gender and having children won't cover up the sin, either. She continues to identify herself as having sodomy in her heart, although she gives lip service to "not being identified" by her perverted desire. She DID engage in sodomy. She was/is a lesbian. The reality of it is that she IS identifying with it and therefore trying to get others who have the same perversion in their hearts to find comfort and justification among each other.

Her admission both in this article (by inference) and directly (in the video) that it's all about her being accepted, valuable, and loved by God.

"The mental clouds returned a few minutes later, but I was left with a deep sense of awe: He loves me."
This was not a confession of sin: this was a happiness of being the center of God's universe, finally getting the attention she always wanted. This too, is warped and unholy. 
He loves you.
End quote.

She went on to say:
Today, I’m not focusing on what the Bible says about homosexuality. I’m not sharing how God gives me victory each day (more on that in future days). I’m simply reminding us all that we are not alone. And we are beloved.
End quote.

She should focus on what God has stated about sodomy and unnatural desires of the heart, as well as sexual sins of the heart. By choosing to ignore this, she's justifying her and others' sin.

The goal is to get the church to accept this. 

Krieg states:
Nailing down an exact percentage is tricky, but a study done in 2011 found that about 3.5 percent of men and women in the United States identify as gay.[1] The same study found that 11 percent of Americans have same-sex attractions.
That’s more than one in ten people. Think about that the next time you go to church. Look around the room. One in ten people experience same-sex attraction.
It may not be obvious, but they are there. I know because as I grow in bravery sharing my own story, many come forward, sighing in relief because they are not alone.
End quote.

Just as Krieg is trying to get people to accept it as normal, Desiring "God" ministry is also pushing this:

Areas of Church Life to Cultivate
We must take this question seriously if we want the church to be a welcoming, appealing place where those who struggle with SSA can thrive. Here are three areas of church life that are particularly important to cultivate.
1. Our Self-IdentityThe way we talk about those with homosexual desires matters if we want them to feel welcome in the church. Do we talk as if it is “us” and “them”? Have we made “being gay” such an atrocity that “those people” are out of the reach of grace?
The reality is that it is not “those people” that we are talking about. We are within the church, among the many people who experience broken sexuality but have the righteousness of Jesus credited to our account. We belong in the Body just as much as any other sinner who trusts Jesus. The church must be a place where those wrestling with SSA feel welcome, included, and safe to work out our salvation in the Lord.
What if this was the main message that those with SSA received from the church? What if they heard not simply, “Don’t have that relationship!” but, “You are welcome in the church, and in all these relationships, and we will seek to support you in your walk of faith with community, loving relationships, and hospitality”?
That is the beginnings of a wonderful alternative script.
End quote.

Notice too, that he admits it is being "gay" and not simply "desires". It is an identity, one that is of the flesh and condemned.

This heinous sin is being promoted by Desiring "God" ministries which I wrote about here.
Scripture's description of sodomy found in Romans 1:

Lusts of their hearts, impure, dishonorable passions, consumed with passion, unnatural, contrary to nature

Notice God includes the desires as well as the actions, and both are curses because of unbelief in God as Creator and hardness of heart. Those in Christ, however are NEW creations, with hearts that love Him:

1Co 6:11  And such  WERE some of you.  BUT you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

There is no such thing as a sodomite "of the heart" (Krieg makes the point in her own admission to being in a lesbian relationship AS a Christian). Such a heart is by very nature and Scripture's depiction, hardened in unbelief.

All of this is why the new announcement of Our Daily Bread of adding a new ministry, Off The Page, is so wicked.

The name "Off The Page" is appropriate. They are not grounded in Scripture. They are deluded and aiding to delude still more people. Promising them freedom while they themselves are enslaved, as  Scripture states.

**Additional Note**

Here is info on ODB going Contemplative.

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