Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thabiti Anyabwile: the *victicrat says Obama let him down


Anyabwile is now advocating Bernie Sanders (Democrat, socialist, pro-abortionist, anti-Christ) for Black people. More here.

With other tweets like this, it seems Thabiti is angry that Obama let him down as a black man. If he did as it seems he did, then he's a traitor to Christ and all things biblical.

It's treason against the King to vote for such a heinous, God-hating, pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, Marxist, pro-Islam, anti-Israel, godless party leader. Now, after having some great hopes of having what... a black president and some real Black  justice (I hate that term but that's what he's calling for--black this black that--not general for all, but specifically for Blacks), he's angry with Obama? Besides, you can't vote for a pro-abortionist and then be upset he endorses abortion. How irrational and unbiblical.

Scripture though, states:

Isa 30:1  "Ah, stubborn children," declares the LORD, "who carry out a plan, but not mine, and who make an alliance, but not of my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin;
Isa 30:2  who set out to go down to Egypt, without asking for my direction, to take refuge in the protection of Pharaoh and to seek shelter in the shadow of Egypt!
Isa 30:3  Therefore shall the protection of Pharaoh turn to your shame, and the shelter in the shadow of Egypt to your humiliation.
Isa 30:4  For though his officials are at Zoan and his envoys reach Hanes,
Isa 30:5  everyone comes to shame through a people that cannot profit them, that brings neither help nor profit, but shame and disgrace."

Isa 31:1  Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the LORD!
Isa 31:2  And yet he is wise and brings disaster; he does not call back his words, but will arise against the house of the evildoers and against the helpers of those who work iniquity.
Isa 31:3  The Egyptians are man, and not God, and their horses are flesh, and not spirit. When the LORD stretches out his hand, the helper will stumble, and he who is helped will fall, and they will all perish together.

Jeremiah 17:5, “Thus says the Lord, ‘Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord.’” 

1Pe 2:18  Servants, be subject to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the unjust. 
1Pe 2:19  For this is a gracious thing, when, mindful of God, one endures sorrows while suffering unjustly. 
1Pe 2:20 For what credit is it if, when you sin and are beaten for it, you endure? But if when you do good and suffer for it you endure, this is a gracious thing in the sight of God

This is not what Black Liberation is about--not what Baltimore or Ferguson was about. Justice would lawfully deal w/ facts &the actual brutal person-not take it out on all police &the city. Emotionalism is not just.

In his new book, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, Colin Flaherty uses more than a THOUSAND examples to document the widespread black crime and violence, often directed at white people, that has been occurring across this nation for years. His book also shows how the media ignore, condone and deny it – and of course, how politicians, including the president, are willing partners in the deception.

*Victicrat: Victicrat--one who blames others for one's condition in life; who scapegoats and refuses to accept responsibility; invented by Larry Elder. Source.

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Darrel said...

And people wonder why racial tensions are ever increasing in America. Could it be because these racist, racial whores are given a microphone, carte blanche to spread their poison, and "leaders who are themselves racist pigs?