Thursday, October 03, 2013

Acorns and Autumn


Its Fall. I know, because the oak tree next door to us is raining acorns on our roof. Pelting more like. I bet thousands a day are falling. We cleaned up the side yard last month for our daughter's bridal shower. Yesterday I could barely see the concrete it was so heavily covered with leaves and acorns. My work is cut out for me still. Our region is expecting gusting Santa Ana winds to blow tonight and tomorrow. Which means.....more acorns and leaves will be covering us once again.

Oak trees are majestic and beautiful with the classic shape for climbing or handing a swing. But the leaves and acorns hurt if you step on them barefoot. I mean, you just can't run out there barefoot.  Pretty to look at. A bear to live with.

As I write this I hear a wee tap, tap, tap. Turns out it's a  squirrel  munching on one of those acorns.

Yup, Autumn is here.

Acorns keep fallin' on my head....


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