Monday, October 21, 2013

When Constitutionalism Is Legalistic: say what?

A strange twist of words by RINO Mike Huckabee, considering the arena being discussed as the "Christian" Post reports.

"Drawing upon biblical references and his experience as a Southern Baptist preacher (before he was a politician), Huckabee said the behavior of Cruz and other like-minded Republicans is a type of legalism." ~The "Christian" Post

When dealing with the utterly unconstitutional ObamaCare, it's quite ironic that Huckabee makes  "legalism"  an issue when dealing with.....well, legal issues.

The problem is that the issue regarding socialism (in the guise of mandated health care) IS a legal one from its foundation: can the federal government legally, that is to say, constitutionally, demand all its citizens to use and pay for health insurance?

The way to stop this socialized medicine that RINOs like Huckabee  who are too cowardly to boldly and constitutionally deal with it, was to vote to not fund it. That is legal.  And the federal "shut down" hardly was a shut down--it was a show-down  game by Obama's regime to bully Americans and the GOP into caving.

It worked with the RINOs but not so much with American citizens.

Isn't it interesting that Congress is exempt from that "law"? Perhaps that's why the RINOs have no problem with it. It won't affect them. Besides, backroom deals insured they get a little something for backing down. Cowardice pays I guess.

So Huckabee's attempt to make literal legalities a matter of "legalism" aka Phariseeism, is pretty much of a logic fallacy.I'd like to look at the liberalism/legalism issue of politics and religion, but I'll do that in another post.

My question to Huckabee and all RINOs is this: what makes you a "conservative"? Because you say you are? Or because you ACT like you are?

Your actions will reveal if you truly are conservative. Or not.

Refusing to reject Obamacare and  its funding merely proves one is liberal, NOT conservative. 
Conservatives reject socialism, Huckabee. You didn't know that?

Huckabee's complaint is that the fight against Obamacare and its funding wasn't thought out, ignored the caution of others,and made assumptions that proved to be untrue. He also said that that such a fight wasn't approved by "the generals". Ah now we get to the issue.

First of all, a representative is sent to Washington to represent his or her constituents. 

Secondly the knowledge of the unconstitutionality and socialism of Obamacare was indeed not only considered, but at the heart of the issue. Quite the opposite for the RINOS and Democrats. I guess they have to pass it before they know what's in it.

The cowardice of the "battle-tested generals" merely proves that RINOs like Huckabee, Boehner, etc. are hardly battle-tested, nor are they "generals". 

"Battle-tested"? Really. More like dancing the Texas-Two-Step and getting goodies for doing it. What major issue have the RINOS fought with vigor--issues to die-on-the-hill for? None. They have caved at every turn when it came to the bail outs, Benghazi, Obamacare, gun control, freedom of speech and of association during the "government shut down". Where have they been when it comes to spying on American citizens either by way of drones, Google, TSA, or Dept. of Homeland Security? Oh that's right, only when it affected one of them did they even turn half an eyeball to bother to look at what the peasants were frantic about. Constitutional rights can be SO annoying.

Their elitism stinks to high heaven on their high view of themselves. Conservatives not only don't need them, but they ARE the problem. Its the RINOs  who are in fact  the "arrogant and self righteous" ones, "elvating themselves to be superior in conservativism." Striving to be aligned with the Contitution is the heart of conservatism (politically speaking); indeed those who are acting, not just claiming to be, conservatives ARE FAR SUPERIOR to the hypocritical RINO compromising liberalism that apparently Huckabee's happy with. Pretty much like the liberals of Christianity calling biblical Christians "legalists". But that's for another post.

Huckabee is all upset because a new guy refuses to play the dirty games of the good-ole-boy club and compromise. Had  such elitists  been around in the 1700's and won their "Alamo" (as Huckabee calls the refusal to fund Obamacare), we'd never have an American Revolution. We'd be bowing to the queen right now. 

We'd be Canada.

Secondly, the RINO leaders aren't battle-tested. They are cowards who blink at a bully and cower,  promising to help the bully do his homework if he won't hurt them.

Yeah, that's die-on-the-hill guts for you. 

No wonder we're such a laughing stock around the world. Our leaders are incompetent and leading us into God's judgement.

Something Huckabee SHOULD know, but  is clueless or just willfully ignoring.

We are becoming Canada.

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