Friday, October 25, 2013

Character Before Football: a lesson one high school coach could teach the NFL

Character before football. That's something you'd think adults would promote and enforce at the NFL level (they should after all, know better), but no, this is at the high school level. Just think if this was believed and enforced at the college and NFL levels....


"Unhappy with reports that some of his players were cyberbullying a fellow student, and that others were skipping and failing classes, Union (Roosevelt, Utah) football coach Matt Labrum suspended his entire team after last Friday's 40-16 loss to Judge Memorial (Salt Lake City)....

Labrum met with his 80 players again on Saturday morning and gave them a letter titled "Union football character," which outlined the following criteria to earn the right to be reinstated for Thursday and Friday's JV and varsity games. "

~USA Today  (bold, mine)

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