Monday, October 28, 2013

Reproductive Choice Is a Right.....Unless Its for Homosexuality

The Left and the libertarian right are all for “choice” in reproduction. Genetic enhancement? Check. Disability cleansing via eugenic abortion and IVF genetic engineering? Check. Choosing hair color and other physical attributes? Check. Even sex selection.
But what if a test is developed that can predict a predilection for homosexuality? Wait just a darn minute!
This is the scenario discussed in the left wing science/tech journal called Pacific Standard, based on an article in support of genetic engineering. From, “Should We Be Able to Choose the Sexual Orientation of Our Children?” by Alice Dreger:
~Go here for the article

Granted, the fact of the matter is, there is no homosexual gene (go here for more info), but even if there was (for the sake of argument), it seems that abortions for such genes hits a little too close to home and isn't hailed as the Great "Constitutional" Right quite as much.
Hypocrisy in liberalism.

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