Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not Good Enough: Mennonite Couple Counter-Sue State Agency For Refusal To Hold Sodomy Ceremony, but They Don't Go Far Enough In Their Refusal

A Mennonite couple in Iowa who declined to host a same-sex wedding at their business has filed a counter-lawsuit against the state’s Civil Rights Commission, fearing that the agency will make them pay financial damages and host the events.

The gallery is a bistro, floral and arts shop, and a wedding facility. Betty Odgaard told local media at the time that she would be willing to provide the couple with flowers or cake, but exchanging vows on their premises was off limits, according to the Christian News Network.

~Fox News

I would serve them in every other way; we simply don’t want to take part. … It just comes down to that final line of taking their vows in our facility,” she told reporter Billy Hallowell. “I do not hate these people and they have the right to do what they want to do under the law and in humanity.”

Sadly Betty and her husband would still be accommodating the sodomy and illegitimacy by selling them flowers and cake for the wedding. The line she draws is not far enough. We are to "avoid every form of evil". 
In no way are Christians to legitimize sodomite relationships because according to God Who is the Creator of mankind, marriage is distinctly between one man and one woman and therefore homosexuality is not only forbidden and condemned by God, it earns His eternal wrath because it goes against His creative order as well as perverts what He made to be beautiful and a picture  of unity (however mysterious an analogy) of the Body of Christ (believers) and Christ Jesus. Sodomy distorts and perverts that. (I have written repeatedly about how God views sodomy, but here is a good summary.)

CN went on to report in the original article back in August that the response from the original refusal was met with well, in my own words, really tolerant, non-judgmental, and loving emails showing patience and tolerance such as demonstrated here:

“You are mean, rude, selfish, [expletive] racist sons of [expletive] from Hell,” one message stated. “[Expletive] your God. [Expletive] your religion.”
 “Betty, you’re very old and almost dead,” another email read. “How do you both feel knowing that America and the world will be a better place without you?”
Words like "hypocrisy","bullying", "tolerance" just burst on the forefront of my mind reading things like that.  I mean, demanding Christians tolerate them, they are intolerant if they don't, judging them for being judgmental, even wishing them dead. Immature, irrational, emotionally-driven behavior is the hallmark of the homosexual (sodomite) activists.
I might add that these same liberals would never dare act the same way against Muslims simply because Muslims are merely bigger bullies than them--even willing to die for their cause, while Sodomite activists are not. Indeed, the Muslims would be quite quick to not only reject their sodomy, but sue them too. I suspect the State of Iowa would bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims out of fear (yes, terrorism DOES work--we see it all the time--airports handing out prayer rugs, for example, to Muslims, schools promoting Islam, prisons accommodating them as well, even the food industry).
Since then the sodomite couple found a different location. So they shouldn't complain.

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