Thursday, October 03, 2013

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: there is relief

For those many who are suffering with this, I hope this might help. Getting healthy is something I've been working on for a while now, and with a family member who has many health issues, I think this is a serious consideration.

IBS contributes to brain fog, metabolic disease, chronic fatigue plus a host of other degenerative diseases. Statistically speaking, IBS affects 10 -15% of the population and, according to conventional health experts 'there is no cure'. Well, that's a lie and natural solutions are available."

~Jonathan Landsman of Natural News

The symptoms that let you know you are likely suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are:

excessive bloating
a history of antibotic usage
unexplained joint pain
inability to concentrate
loss of appetite
low energy
frequency of illness due to a compromised immune system

IBS contributs to several degenerative diseases  such as chronic fatigue, metabolic disease, and even brain fog.

You need to heal your gut. Pure and simple.

Landsman tells us, "Normally speaking, our gut is loaded with trillions of microscopic organisms that create a natural ecosystem called the "gut flora". When this inner terrain gets out of balance from consuming too many toxins and being malnourished - chronic gut inflammation will threaten your health."

How do you do rebuild your gut?

Its what you eat and don't eat.

Don't indulge in over-processed junk food which has a lot of chemical preservatives and lacks in nutrients, and avoid genetically-engineered corn, soy, and other GMO by-products like high fructose corn syrup and alcohol.

Do eat whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals. He suggests (as have others) that eating small daily amounts of fermented foods and drinks like sauerkraut or kombucha. Also, load up on raw or at most slightly steamed vegetables, small amounts of fruit and freshly-prepared organic juices and smoothies.


"For a variety of reasons, the food available for purchase today, even if organically grown, is a nutritional shadow of what it was just fifty years ago.  According to one study, to receive the vitamin A content of a single apricot from 1953 would require more than 50 apricots today.  It’s impossible for anyone to expect to fulfill or exceed his or her basic nutritional needs over time given this change in the quality of the food supply, which is why a measured approach needs to be taken to ensure that one’s core nutritional needs are not only met, but exceeded for optimal health.
This approach is the use of at least one core superfood-saturated drink per day.  Superfoods are food substances packed with nutrition—often the nutritional density so many multiples higher than even organically grown common vegetables and fruit that superfood consumption can make the consumption of other foods for nutritional needs almost negligible."
Don't forget to exercise too. That's important for the whole system to work properly.

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