Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Who Is My Neighbor"?


Lev 19:17  'You shall not hate your fellow countryman in your heart; you may surely reprove your neighbor, but shall not incur sin because of him. 

[KJV]and not suffer sin upon him; unconvinced of, unrepented of and persisted in, which may prove of fatal consequence to him; and therefore to let him alone, and go on in it without telling him of it, and reproving him for it, would be so far from acting the kind and friendly part, and showing him love and respect, that it would be an evidence of hating him at heart, at least it might be strongly suspected: or, "and not bear sin for him" (a); become a partner with him in his sin, and so become liable to bear punishment for it; which is a strong reason for reproving sin, in a proper manner, lest we should be partakers of other men's sins.... ~John Gill

Put another way:

"Beware of those who are "more caring, tender, and merciful" than Christ. When the Lord commands certain things, such as rebuking one for sin, church discipline, casting pearls before swine, or shaking dust off one's feet, they are simply too loving to comply. "I have the gift of compassion" they say. They have a gift alright, but they got it from Adam and not Christ. The gift of explaining away God's commands and their autonomy."

It is the love of God, of truth, and the souls of others to warn and rebuke them in their unrepentant sin. But first one must know what sin is according to Scripture; that is to say, one must judge what is sin according to God's holy standard.

Increasingly many professing Christians refuse to judge sodomy to be an abomination of sin and instead try to excuse it away and tolerate it as if they are more loving than those nasty judgmental, Bible-thumping Christians, and definitely more loving than Christ Jesus Himself---the Author of Scripture who commands that we rebuke professing Christians in unrepentant sin.

In five years I believe these self-same tolerant "Christians" will be excusing and tolerating pedophilia. That is the next unnatural and perverse sin and behavior that the world is right now justifying, at least in psychological circles (as happened with homosexuality back in the 1970's).

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