Friday, October 17, 2014

The Church of Americanism

The 'church' of Americanism is where she is, not only because she has wed herself to unfaithful men. That was her desire. But first she had to distance herself from God and His biblical preachers. She had to make compromise lucrative. She had to partition the truth and divide it up into the myth of primary/secondary concerns. She mocked her watchmen's discernment and called their admonitions and loving warnings 'legalism.' She chased her sin and called it 'liberty' and 'grace'. She called her protectors 'Pharisees'. She has despised biblical unity for ecumenical peace time. She has turned to modern Ba'al and cursed Yahweh. Let what happened to Ephraim serve as a reminder to her. (cf. Hosea 4:17).

~Doron Gladden, Biblical Christ Church; Biblical Christ Research Institute

Living this out. It's very true and grievous to my soul.

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