Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Answers In Genesis Fail the Biblical Test: playing God by justifying murder

According to Answers In Genesis:

The Word of God makes it clear: human life begins at the moment of fertilization.* Any action aimed at ending that life before birth constitutes abortion.
Is abortion ever justifiable? What if the mother’s life is genuinely endangered by continuing her pregnancy?
Suppose a woman fourteen weeks pregnant is diagnosed with a very aggressive leukemia....
The doctor therefore advises immediate abortion in order to begin chemotherapy and give the mother the best chance of survival.
Here, the physician has the choice of losing either one life or two. The chance of saving the baby is essentially zero, and continuing the pregnancy would put the mother at deadly risk. While this sort of situation is extremely rare, it does happen. Abortion in this circumstance is an effort to spare one life at the expense of another and therefore does not violate biblical principles.
End quote.
This is absolutely anti-biblical. Its playing God with a human life, considering the value of that life based SOLELY on the odds of viability. This is no different than what the abortionists do. This is certainly not a pro-life stance. Nor is it a pro-life principle. Let's remember that abortion IS murder.
This is Circumstantial Murder. And AIG is justifying it. They are quickly losing any credibility they've had and are proving to be about pragmatism instead of Scripture ("Genesis" speaks about murder and NEVER justifies it).
A few weeks ago AIG also supported the horrific "Bible" series on the History channel. 
They have clearly shown they are pragmatic and not holding to Scripture above everything, and certainly not adhering to the absolute Sovereignty of God and thus trusting HIM with the outcome of a right stand of not killing an unborn baby while its mother has a health issue. Nor is it trusting God's way of drawing and saving people by the faithful proclamation of the Gospel but merely appeal to the world through its ways by watering down the Scriptures and making it entertaining.
I praise God and pray for a more faithful ministry like Institute for Creation Research that continually hold fast to the clear Word and are far more serious about biblical doctrine and having THAT direct their message and actions. Unlike AIG.

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