Friday, April 12, 2013

Rick Warren Admits Son Had Illegal Gun

Pastor Rick Warren has tweeted that his son killed himself with an unregistered gun purchased through the Internet.

Warren, who has been tweeting regularly about his grief since his 27-year-old son Matthew committed suicide last Friday, said he forgives whoever sold the weapon.

~Fox News

Why would a father who knows about his son's ongoing depression and that he had an ILLEGAL gun, not report that or at least try to take it away?

Why is Warren so busy tweeting  just days after his son's death? By being public about all of this, it means that its all fair game for criticism, especially when Warren exploits his son's death to silence his critics. There's a clarity of mind here with a clear agenda. When a heretic has a new radio show to sell, a new book coming up, and the anniversary of his old PDL book to "celebrate", even the tragedy of the suicide of his son won't pull him off of all media. Never waste a tragedy is a well-known liberal tactic we've seen with politicians. There's no difference here except the arena.

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