Thursday, April 11, 2013

Roman Artifacts Found Beneath The City of London

From the historian’s point of view, the greatest finds are writing tablets. Some are made of wood, written on in ink. Others are an ancient type of etch-a-sketch – where a wooden pad was inlaid with wax, which Romans inscribed and then wiped clear; heavy-handed writers scratched down into the wood, leaving a permanent record of their thoughts. The fine cursive Latin is yet to be completely translated. But already archaeologists have turned up shopping lists, party invitations, a contract for the sale of a slave girl and another contract selling a five-acre wood in Kent. Most important of all, the documents will reveal the names of ancient Roman Londoners. Even though the Romans occupied the city for nearly 400 years, only 14 names of Londinium residents have been discovered.

~ The Telegraph, UK

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