Thursday, April 18, 2013

If Only Obama Got That Mad When Americans Get Killed

RUSH: Now, the president, when the gun control bill failed in the Senate yesterday afternoon, he was mad.  Wouldn't it be great if you saw him get that kind of mad when Americans are killed?  He didn't get that mad after Benghazi.  He didn't get anywhere near that mad after what happened in Boston.  But let his gun control bill go down in the Senate, this guy blows a gasket.  He literally blew a gasket.  And I know why he blew a gasket.  Because this gun control bill was supposed to fail in the House so he could blame it on Republicans.  This gun control bill was not supposed to pass, folks.  It was supposed to pass the Senate.  It was supposed to fail in the House. 

Everything is about 2014 and winning the House and having a one-party control government so he can basically implement whatever he wants with no opposition.  Because, remember, that's Obama's objective, no opposition.  He doesn't want to debate people. He doesn't want to persuade people. He doesn't want to convince people.  He wants no people in his way.  So this bill was supposed to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate and then die in the House of Representatives, where he could blame it on Republicans, like he does everything, and then put that in the hopper of everything else he's blaming on Republicans and let that be part of the ongoing campaign effort by the Democrats to win the House in 2014. 
He is mad because his party sandbagged him. He is mad, still is mad -- he was livid --because the Democrats pulled a rug out from under him, four of them in the Senate. He's mad at Dingy Harry. He's mad at whoever it is that failed to get this done.
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