Monday, April 08, 2013

Is Your College A Christian College?

Is Westmont College a Christian college?

Not when it teaches evolution or promotes Eastern Mysticism.

Go here to see if your college of choice is truly a Christian school.

Here are some helpful questions to ask as you search for a biblical Christian school (if you are truly looking for a CHRISTIAN education):

1. Does your school believe that the Bible and psychology can be integrated?
2. Is Theistic Evolution permitted to be taught as a viable option in the interpretation of Genesis chapter 1?
3. What is your school's doctrinal postion? Is it consistent in all departments or do they deny in practice what they claim in their statement of faith (see #2)?
4. Does your school teach consistently  the plenary, inerrant inspiration of the Holy Spirit of the original text of the Holy Bible?

Is Evolution a neutral and optional view for a Christian? I answer here.

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