Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obama's UnConstitutional Gun Ban Goes Down In Defeat....For Now

Its a good day when a socialist is angry because it means he didn't get his socialistic way. Obama's mad because the people's representatives didn't vote for his unConstitutional gun ban law, even though he desperately tried using the Sandy Hook school parents as a prop to push his anti-Constitutional ban. A new Gallop poll says that only 4% of Americans believe that gun control is an important issue. Statistically, 4% is insignificant.

It is a good day when every citizen continues to have his Constitutional rights upheld.

So far.

But alas, the socialism of the leadership in this country and its products of government schools will eventually remove our 2nd Amendment. That's when everyone should worry because once the government removes one of our rights as expressly enumerated in our Bill of Rights, they are all fair game. And they will be taken away. One by one, by every excuse he and his minions can think of. That right to free speech which liberals love for themselves (but not for Conservatives) will be removed and the liberals will suddenly see that when they speak against the government, they no longer possess that right to protest it. Cindy Sheehand, Jane Fonda? Mere distant memories.

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