Thursday, April 25, 2013

Immigrants Don't Want America to Become The Very Thing They Escaped from: Socialism and Communism

RUSH: Here's Pablo.  Pablo in Ft. Lauderdale.  I'm glad you called.  Welcome to EIB Network.  Hi.
CALLER:  Thank you very much, Rush.  I was born in Argentina, before I became an American, the best nation that ever was.  I grew up learning songs of praise to Evita. In kindergarten they made us sing and dance songs of praise, that when I hear now kids in school learning songs of praise to Obama, I get a chill in my mind.

CALLER:  Now, I want to tell you this.  Most Hispanics, like me and many friends that I have, we don't want to make America the same crappy place we came from.  That's the last thing in our hope.  Most of us are conservatives.  Some are conservative, I'm a patriot, I love America.

CALLER:  They learn quickly, like I learned, Rush, when I went from 15 to 21 years old, I was a communist myself in Argentina.  So I know a communist when I hear one, when I see one.  I was one.  I studied.  I can still sing you the International, and I can tell you by heart the manifesto.  Of course I'm a patriot, I'm American and a conservative, a hundred percent now.  But I can tell you, I recognize a communist.  And we have that in government.  And that is a terrible thing that is happening to America that I would've never thought could happen.  I mean, if America's gone, there is nothing left.  There's nowhere to go...

CALLER:  And I wish most Americans will stop taking all the freedoms for granted and understand that we can also collapse.  I mean, it happened before.  Socialism, what it does to you economically is the least of the damage.  What it does to the spirit of people is absolutely horrendous and that's forever.  I have business in the Ukraine.  I have to go there sometimes, and I deal with people that lived under communism.  And I tell you, their spirits are broken, because they are unable to trust on anything because that's what communism teaches you, to distrust everything, including yourself.

End quote.

~ The Rush Limbaugh Show

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