Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Obama: Living Like A King

Obama continues living the life of a king while the rest of us suffer with a bad economy and a potential war with N. Korea along with hostilities with Iran who also wants to go rogue with nukes.

While we're under a "sequester" that doesn't seem to affect Obama's lavish lifestyle in any way. Tonight marks the tenth exclusive and lavish concert paid for by us surfs (aka tax payers) given at the White House, as Keith Koffler reports.

"And with this evening’s event, the performances are officially part of the “sequester-free zone” at the White House. As is well known, the daily White House tours did not make the cut." - Koffler reports in his article.

What sequester? Its a party life in the White House for the Obamas!

As Keith Koffler also reported:

"The tours for the public may be canceled, but the fun continues at the White House, where President Obama and First Lady Michelle are indulging in exclusive entertainment even as furloughs begin to hit the White House itself....Sequesters, it would seem, are for little people."

Two vacations this year already, movies, celebrities,and concerts, shooting  hoops, and golfing. 

What's a little thing like Kim Jong-un saying N. Korea is ready to  strike either our allies or us tomorrow? What's a little thing like Iran wanting to go rogue itself regarding nuclear weapons?

Naw. Fore!

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