Saturday, May 02, 2020

The Government vs The Lord's Church

So far the government wants to close the churches, and if they reopen, no singing, use of pew Bibles or hymnals, no communion, and you must register each church attendee with the government.

The government cannot define what a church is nor it's purpose or function. When it does, it's overstepping it's jurisdiction decreed by God (to punish the evil and praise the good , that is, judicial justice). The government doesn't work in honor of Christ nor to promote Him or His children. Rather, it is wicked and hostile against them. We are never bound to submit to that which tells us to disobey God, whether its the government or a church; political leaders or church leaders; even a spouse or other family member. We obey God rather than man.

As I stated here on The Quarantine and the Lord's church, "The government thinks it can determine what is essential and non-essential. It has determined corporate worship as a church is a non-essential. But God has said it is essential. We must obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29)."

Some churches are more state run churches now, that is, they obey the government when it defines it and it's practices. It's a revival of Romanism of sorts.